Activated Charcoal Stain Remover

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Get ready to be amazed by the latest innovation in non-toxic teeth whitening!

Activated charcoal is our secret ingredient. It naturally polishes teeth, strengthens enamel and detoxifies your mouth, removing external stains from your teeth without the toxic chemical ingredients used in some commercial teeth whitening products.

This naturally anti bacterial fine black powder is tasteless and odourless, promoting overall dental health, balancing the pH in the mouth, helping to eliminate acid and bacteria that can cause cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

Best of all, you can be sure that it is safe to use. In fact, it is a common remedy against internal toxins & poisoning.

Dental Glow - Activated Charcoal Stain Remover is a 100% Natural Teeth Whitener.

  1. Deodorise
  2. Prevent Bad Breath
  3. Remove Plaque
  4. Prevent Harmful Bacteria Growth


1 x  Dental Glow Activated Charcoal Stain Remover - 40g Jar

1 x Dental Glow Stain Removing Tooth Brush - Black

Using Activated Charcoal

Simply dip your wet DG Black Toothbrush into the Activated Charcoal Stain Remover, brush in small gentle circles for two minutes, spit it out carefully, rinse thoroughly and you’re done.

Before you use Dental Glow - Activated Charcoal Stain Remover, please note this type of charcoal is not the same as the everyday charcoal. Activated charcoal is specifically created for medicinal use. Our manufacturers heat typical charcoal in the presence of specific gas that creates a very porous surface. This is how the activated charcoal is able to trap impurities and polish your teeth for a bright white smile.

Brush with DG charcoal two hours after eating to detox your mouth and whiten your teeth. For best results follow up with a clean using the Dental Glow Advanced Whitening Toothpaste.